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2018 Summer Internship Program

We are pleased to announce our 2018 Summer Internship Program.  We are looking for people with a heart to come and serve with us from June 9th, 2018 to July 26th, 2018.

We have 9 positions available for our 2018 summer internship.  Interns will be living in a remote area of Swaziland in a dorm room at The Lodge on Project Canaan. There will be adult supervision, and safety will be of utmost importance to us. 


Each student must be completely committed to serving wherever and whenever they are needed, whether that means packing lunches, washing cars, helping at the baby home or washing dogs.  The days are long, work is never ending, and schedules change, so each student must be flexible.  The workers who live on the farm work six days per week with Sunday being a day of rest (which includes church, laundry, and catching up on personal things).  This will apply to the interns as well as they will be part of the farm community. Applicants must be very organized, computer literate (specifically excel) and a good team worker.

There are specific roles for which you can apply. We ask you to list the position you are applying for in order of your preference. Those positions are:

1 - Office Assistant who loves organizing files, working in an office environment and has computer skills (Excel and Word a must) will work at Khutsala Artisans along side our staff on spreadsheets, word documents and tracking/inventory.

3 - Education- Education students will work side-by-side with teachers and assistants under the direction of our Head Teacher, Amber VanWinkle.

1 person to assist with the Primary School

1 person to assist with Kindergarten

1 person to assist with Pre-School

1 - Maintenance/Property Management - This intern will need to have basic skills in repairs, landscaping, moving/hauling and anything else that is needed.  This person will work with Denis Musoyka.

1 - Nursing - One nursing student who will work with our medical staff daily helping with record keeping, well checks and general nursing experiences.

1 - Children's Program Assistant who will work on daily children's programs with Bryan Throgmorton, our Children's Program Director.

1 - Woodworker who has knowledge of basic woodworking who will assist our Swazi staff on projects at the Kufundza Shop.

1 - Hospitality - This intern will help with volunteers coming and going from Swaziland.  He or she will work with Chris Cheek.

Students who apply must have the following qualifications:

  • Christian, believer and follower of Jesus Christ
  • Be 18 years of age or older prior to the travel date (June 9th, 2018) 
  • Be willing/able to leave from the US on June 9th and return back to the US on July 26th (exceptions will be considered on an individual basis)
  • Be willing/able to raise your own travel funds.  The ground cost is $3,050 USD and includes lodging, ground transportation and food.  You can book your own flights or we can book them for you.  Flight costs will be determined based on your city of departure at time of booking.
  • Provide your own medical insurance

Application deadline is December 13th.  We will begin interviewing as soon as we receive your application.

For an Internship Application click please click here.

For more information or if you have further questions please email summerintern@heartforafrica.org.

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