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You have registered for your trip to Africa and now you have to start fundraising. We want to help you out with several tips from our team and other volunteers that have found fun and unique ways for fundraising.

The FUNdraising Flyer

We want your fundraising to be a fun and fulfilling part of your trip to Africa. To help you get the ball rolling, we have created a simple FUNdraising Flyer. Simply download the flyer below. Once you have downloaded the flyer, print out as many copies as you want, and write your participant code on each flyer in the space provided.

The Fundraising Letter

No mission trip fundraising project is complete without the fundraising letter. Not only is this a perfect time to tell others what you are doing, but it also helps raise awareness of the issues facing the children you are going to serve in Africa. The effective fundraising letter will include your reason for volunteering to serve in Africa as well as the an expression of your desire for your friends and family to join you by donating to make your trip possible. Start by making a list of your friends and family with mailing addresses. While email can be used, the personal appeal of receiving a letter in the mail is more effective. So mail as many as you can and rely on email when you don't have a postal mailing address.

Next, write your letter. We have provided a template here to help you get started. But don't send it just as it is. Personalize it so you can express your true passion for serving in Africa.

Now just drop by the post office and mail your letters. We have done all we can to make this an easy process for your donors. They simply go to www.heartforafrica.org, click on donate and complete the funding form including your personal participant code. That's it. All donations to Heart for Africa are fully tax deductible.

Other Fun Ideas

Many of our trip participants have designed and sold t-shirts in order to promote their trip.  The proceeds from the t-shirt sales were used to fund their trip.  This is a great way to be creative while letting all your friends and family know about your heart for Africa.

Garage sales are also a great way to raise money!  Let your friends and family know about your plans and ask if they would like to donate any items for you to sell. 

Car washes are also fun for raising money.  Check with local businesses that are located in highly visible areas of your community to see if they would allow you to use their parking lot.  Ask your friends and family to help with the work! 

Many local restaurants will also host a fundraiser night.  On this particular night a certain percentage of the proceeds will go toward your fundraising goal.  Check your local restaurants and see if they would be willing to host a fundraiser night for you.

Always remember that you are representing Heart for Africa.  Please show honor and respect with all community members as you are working towards completing your fundraising goals.  Also make sure to check with your local authorities for any rules and regulations regarding your fundraising plans (i.e. posting signs advertising your event, etc.).

We would LOVE to hear from you!  If you have any successful fundraiser ideas email us at trips@heartforafrica.org.

SUPPORT HEART FOR AFRICA:  Heart for Africa depends on your gifts to continue our work in Africa.  Make your charitable contribution here.
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