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Project Canaan is being designed by business people to come alongside Africans and bring expertise, resources and heart together to find a holistic solution to a complex set of issues - issues that, if not addressed, will have a greater impact on our global economy and the global community of which we are a part.

Project Canaan is a multi-faceted initiative that includes large-scale farming, fisheries, poultry houses and a dairy farm. In 2006, the country of Swaziland consumed 15 million gallons of milk, but only produced 2 million gallons, importing 13 million gallons.  This is just one example of the business opportunities that exist in Swaziland.  Other such business opportunities are being identified and developed.

In July, 2010, we dedicated the land for the first children's home on the property, the El Roi Baby Home.  We will provide a safe place for them to live and grow as well as be educated to help break the cycle of ignorance in their generation.

HIV/AIDS is the primary cause of the growing orphan population. It will be critical that the land be home to a state of the art HIV/AIDS clinic where a holistic approach to medical care will be taken.

Not only will the agri-business development address food shortage, but it will generate employment, stimulate the local economy, allow for export and provide a sustainable business model to support other Heart for Africa homes and projects.

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and we believe that is true. Training schools will provide advanced education for skilled labor with the goal of moving the impoverished into a working class. A medical center will also be a part of the development to teach home based care and basic medical training for community and rural usage.

It is not okay with us that 9 year old girls are selling sex for food just so they can feed their younger brothers and sisters.

It is not okay with us that 30,000 children die every day from hunger or malnutrition because they have no food or because there is no one there to feed them.

We ask you then, "Is it okay with you?"

If it is not okay with you either … will you help us? Will you help the children? Will you help us develop a sustainable solution that will not be a bottomless cup of charity, but rather an investment in to the future of a nation and the future of our global family?

What if it was your child who needed help – who needed hope for the future?

Please join us, give generously and together we will change the face of the world. 



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