Why eSwatini?

Learn why this small African nation is so close to our hearts.


Inside Our Mission

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He literally almost died of hunger

19-month-old comfort after his first bath and mealLast week I shared with you that we received 7 babies in 7 days.  I have written 335 blogs since we moved to Africa in 2012, one every ...

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7 babies in 7 days

This is how we found the 90-year-old Great Grandmother caring for the 19-month-old baby boyFor those of you who read last week’s blog, you would have read that we rec ...

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200 babies lives saved

On March 1, 2012 we received our first baby – Joshua.  The El Roi baby home was built and ready for babies in January 2012, and we wondered if a baby would ever come.  Since that day, w ...

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