Why Eswatini?

Learn why this small African nation is so close to our hearts.


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Indisputable evidence that HE, GOD, personally did all this.

The sun is rising over the mountains here in Eswatini and the smoke from winter fires is causing a haze that looks very beautiful against the orange sky.This week we will celebrate the ...

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What happens when God gives you a vision?

If we had said "no", this would not be our view.On July 6th, 2005 our family was volunteering with an organization called Dream for Africa that served in Swaziland and South Africa. I d ...

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Update on Nokuphiwa and thoughts from her host - Eileen Habelow

Many of you have been following the journey of a little girl named Nokuphiwa (or affectionately known as Phiwa, pronounced Pee-wah).  You can read more about her story at https://janine ...

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