Why Eswatini?

Learn why this small African nation is so close to our hearts.

HOPE Lives Here

Inside Our Mission

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For the love of God and humanity – something has to change

 Last Saturday afternoon I received a call from a social worker who was clearly distraught. She was in a police car with two babies who she had just found locked up in a very broken dow ...

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Horror turned to joy

Just four days ago Eswatini was the hottest place on earth with temperatures as high as 44C / 111F, and then it dropped 40 F and has been cold and rainy for the past few days.  We go fr ...

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She gave her best to me.

Just before we left for the US our 7-year-old, Hannah, came up to me and asked to speak with me. We stepped away from the other children and she handed me a rock. She whispered, “This i ...

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