Child Sponsorship




The monthly cost of care for one child is $225, which includes diapers, formula, food, clothing, medical care, dayshift and nightshift caregivers and lots of love. It's hard to imagine that ALL of that can happen for only $225 per month!  While we know that it takes $225 to fully provide for all the things a child needs we have been able to break it down a different way.

  •  $30 per month pays for primary medical care for one child including a full-time nurse, vaccines, wellness checks and treatment when sick.
  •  $50 per month provides formula for our 35+ babies from 6-18 months of age.
  •  $100 per month provides for one Night Shift Auntie who will love and care for small babies all night!

To sign up to become one of our monthly donors please click the button below. If you would like to receive biannual updates on a specific child please email Annie at after you set up your gift.  


Sponsor a Child!


When you sign up as a monthly sponsor you will also receive a gift at these giving amounts:

  • $30/month sponsorship will receive an Angel keychain made by our Khutsala Artisans.
  • $50/month sponsorship will receive  Swazi boy or girl keychain made by our Khutsala artisans.
  • $100/month sponsorship will receive both Swazi boy/girl keychains.
  • $225/month sponsorship will receive all the keychains (Angel, Swazi boy, and girl) and a beaded picture frame with the photo of the child you request information for.  





You can also have funds deducted automatically from your bank account through an ACH form.  Please download the ACH form by clicking here. Once your form is completed please send it to or you can fax it to 866-403-6260.

Click here to Meet the Project Canaan Children!

To see a list of our current Heart for Africa Child Sponsors please click HERE.