Labakhetsiwe Toddler Home



As Project Canaan Continues to develop, so do the children who live there.  As babies develop, they have needs that the El Roi Baby Home cannot meet.  El Roi is designed to care for children from newborns to age two.  When the children pass their second birthday they will prepare to move in the Toddler Home, which is within the same compound as the El Roi Baby Home and shares the same yard, shade area and playground.


Not only does this move meet their needs, it also continually helps make room for more babies to be received at the El Roi Baby Home.  "Labakhetsiwe" means "the chosen ones".


We expect that Project Canaan will be home to hundreds of children in the years to come, and we are thankful for people who invest in the future of these children and help us build the next phase for them to grow and thrive.




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