Lusito Mechanics









Over 50% of the population of Eswatini lives below the national poverty line, subsisting on less than $2 dollars per day while unemployment ranges as high as 70%. Offering employment to lift people out of poverty and provide sustainable income for families is a key objective of Heart for Africa’s vision to bring hope and help to the people of Eswatini. 


The Lusito Mechanic Project is an important initiative for Project Canaan. We have partnered with Mercy Tech Mission to build the capacity of Africans to learn welding and mechanic skills for sustainable employment. This collaboration has already proven very successful at imparting critical vocational skills to Swazis and we are prepared to take it to the next level to achieve the objectives described below. With more than 20 vehicles, large farm equipment and other industrial machines on Project Canaan, this training program is vital to everything from keeping the cars, trucks and tractors going to providing diagnostic and repair capability. Training men and women from surrounding communities to be mechanics and welders will result in the ability to preserve and care for their families while creating value for our mission.


Through continued partnership with Mercy Tech Mission and the necessary funds, Heart for Africa can achieve three key objectives:

  1. Reduce operational expenses incurred from using outside vendors for fleet and heavy equipment maintenance.
  2. Provide Swazis with a valuable and marketable skill set much needed in the surrounding communities.
  3. Offer employment that breaks the cycle of poverty and pays a living wage.