Project Canaan Farm


Every department on Project Canaan is designed to either reduce our operational costs (dairy milk and eggs), provide a product that we need (beds/cribs/wood product from Kufundza) or provide a service at a reduced cost and increased convenience (El Rofi Medical/Dental Clinic, Lusito Mechanic Shop). 


If you would like to donate towards our farm needs please click the links below.  Thank you for your generosity.



Dairy Cows 

The children at Project Canaan consume 390 gallons of milk each month, and that amount will continue to grow every month. We need to add to our dairy cows to provide fresh pasteurized milk for our children and to sell in our community.  The cost of one dairy cow is $1,300.00






Goat meat represents 63% of all red meat consumed in the world. It is a low fat alternative to chicken, it is easy to digest, and is highly profitable. Your gift of $150 will help buy one goat to add to the herd on Project Canaan.  





Area of Greatest Need

Our desire is to have eyes to see the needs of the people in the Project Canaan community and have the funds to provide for immediate needs in a timely fashion. Your gift will help Heart for Africa fulfill our mission.