Emseni Childrens Campus


The Emseni Children's Campus is where our older children live and it will be their home until they finish their formal schooling.  This campus will consist of six buildings that house 40 children each.  Emseni means "Grace" and it is the grace of God who provides for each child.  There is a large kitchen/dining hall for the children called The Oasis. 

With our current growth rate, we are now planning for the construction of the fifth children's home within the Emseni Campus.  This building will house 40 children and 8-12 live-in caregivers.  To make a donation towards the construction of this new home please click here:  Emseni 5.


We depend on our generous supporters to enable us to continue to say "yes" to each child that comes to us at Project Canaan.  Without your financial support we would have to say no to providing a better life for these children. 
Please consider becoming a Heart for Africa Angel.  Our Angels commit to supporting the Project Canaan Children on a monthly basis.  Click the logo below to find out more about our Angel program and say "yes" to the kids at Project Canaan.