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Janine Maxwell owned one of the largest marketing companies in Canada that boasted a blue chip client list.

Then on 9/11 she found herself trapped in New York City when all transportation in and out of the city stopped.

She had to fight her way home to her family in Canada. The world changing events of that day became the catalyst that

first sent Janine into a deep depression and later to the darkest parts of Africa in her search for the meaning of life.

What happened next was a roller coaster ride from the board room to the streets of Africa where she found herself

standing face to face with the AIDS pandemic and trying to understand what to do with 15 million orphans who are left

in its wake. Her story is brutally honest and will take you straight to the heart of the issue of Africa's great need.

Even the most seasoned African traveler will have their eyes opened again.

All we need to do is say, "It's not okay with me, either" and then act.









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