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Heart for Africa Heroes are those who give on a monthly basis to our general fund. These funds are distributed where they are most needed and enable us to ensure that projects are completed and all operations are running smoothly.


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 Heart for Africa Angels give specifically to meet the needs of the children living on Project Canaan. These funds are used to make sure that each child in our care has food, clothing, diapers, and excellent care at each stage of their development.


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We at Heart for Africa are committed to the goal of self-sustainability on Project Canaan.  Our monthly donors are helping us to achieve that goal.  They have committed to giving financially to Heart for Africa on a monthly basis in order to make self-sustainability a reality.  We have two ways that you can partner with us on a monthly basis.  

We are grateful to all who have come alongside us to help us on a monthly basis whether as a Hero or an Angel.  Faithful monthly giving enables us to plan for immediate needs and also plan for the future.  Please consider becoming one of our monthly donors.  Your faithfulness is appreciated and will be rewarded!  Thank you.