Orphan Art Project
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Holly and I have been invited by Heart For Africa to join them on their trip to Swaziland this summer. Specifically painting at their Litsembe event on July 23 at Somholo National Stadium. Along with painting at this event, during my stay in Swaziland I will be enacting this art project with orphans. While making the art with the children, I will be filming the whole process and the highlighting the back-stories that lie with the lives of the children. The video footage will be used to create film shorts depicting the nature of the project and the individual stories of the selected orphans. These shorts will be used on-line to tell the stories of the paintings and to promote the fund-raising project.Read the whole story on: Donation Options:-$500 Club - Donate $500 and you will receive one of the original works created during the project. -Make a donation- any donation is helpful! and tax deductable!

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July 15, 2010 - July 25, 2010
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