Heart for Africa loves being able to show you our progress and what God has blessed us with through the years, but we also want you to understand the severity of the situation in Eswatini. 


Review the videos below to learn more about what is currently happening at Project Canaan. Hear stories of the trials our children endured before coming to us, and learn more about Heart For Africa. Thanks for stopping by!

Current Videos

HOPE Lives Here
Tour Project Canaan
Child Sponsorship
Cross Planting on Project Canaan
Water Project Update
Watch our journey to date to become water secure.
Heart for Africa | Egg Farmers of Canada
Princess is crawling!
When Princess came to us we didn't know if she would live, much less crawl or walk. But look at her now! We believe she will walk one day!
This is a miracle!
I still smile every time I see Gracie walk. Her first steps – and her continued progress – would have been impossible without you. Watching her walk is like seeing a miracle every day.
Khutsala Artisans
Khutsala Artisans is a Heart for Africa initiative on Project Canaan in Swaziland, Africa. Watch this video to learn more about Khutsala Artisans.
Heart For Africa
Project Canaan Is...
What is Project Canaan? Watch this video and find out more!
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